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Dual Language Immersion


Summit Elementary is proud to be entering the seventh year of our Spanish dual language immersion program! In the 2023-2024 school year our program will be Kindergarten - 6th grade!


The mission of our Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program is to promote biliteracy and bilingualism, high academic achievement and sociocultural competency. By the time students exit the program in 6th grade, they will be proficient in both languages. 


Research shows exposing students to language at an early age has many benefits. Younger children have an ability to learn languages quicker and can retain a lot more information. In addition:


  • Students can be expected to reach high levels of world language proficiency.
  • Dual-language learners demonstrate better attention control, memory, and problem-solving skills; as well as an enhanced understanding of their primary language. 
  • Bilingual children develop a better working memory –- which holds, processes and updates information over short periods of time – than monolingual children.
  • Immersion students are more aware of and generally show more positive attitudes toward other cultures and an appreciation of other people.
  • English learner students in dual-language programs also have more success becoming proficient in English by the end of high school.



On May 19th, 2023, all incoming kindergarten students who have filled out and turned in the IMMERSION ENROLLMENT FORM (below) will be included in our lottery system. Someone from Summit will notify you after May 19th, 2023 if your child's name was selected in the lottery process for the program.